Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We've moved - come on over and see!

Hello to all my friends and followers. Today I am really excited to tell you about some changes that have been going on in my world of late. 

If you a are follower on Facebook you would have recently seen that I have finally wound up Luminoso Blu - both the business and the blog. After much soul searching I decided that my life (and heart) were taking me in new directions. This isn't a sad thing, in fact I am really excited about the changes that I've made. But the change is bittersweet. I love the friends and connections that I've made with Luminoso Blu, and I really hope they continue with me on my new journey... 

So, what is this journey I speak of? 

Capacity Events 
Well, I have decided to take my event planning focus into a much more corproate direction. As a result I have been working hard to establish Capacity Events. Capacity Events will plan and manage business conferences and meetings in the Brisbane area. Given my background in Human Resources, I will also be specialising in learning, networking and leadership based events. 

If you are interested in this type of event, would like tips and ideas, and to keep up with me in that capacitiy I would really love it if you signed up to our Newsletter or followed the Capacity Events Blog.

Life by Renee
I love blogging, and in my little hiatus as I established Capacity Events, I really missed it. I also love photography. So, with these two loves I have started a little personal blog Life by Renee. If you were a follower of my creativity challenge, baking and other interests here on Luminoso Blu, I think you will like the direction and focus of Life by Renee. It's only in it's early days at the moment, but come on over and stay for a while (ps. most of the archives from this blog will be stored over there!) 
Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has supported me to date, I really hope that you continue with me on this exciting journey - I will miss you otherwise! 


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